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This is exactly how I have felt. It is so hard putting yourself out there and than having nobody notice. Loved this post. First post and made it on Freshly Pressed, Wow!


That’s right. I said it.

Blogging scares me.

This blog, this place that was created to be a bright and shiny window to my deepest, innermost thoughts, was born almost a month ago. And I have yet to make and publish* one single post.

*publish being the key word. I’ve written thousands in my head.**

**only slightly exaggerated.

It’s not that I haven’t been laughing. Or loving. And Lord knows I’ve been eating. Life has still been happening here. And it has been (mostly) wonderful.I am 100% sure that this severe-lack-of-posting funk has nothing whatsoever to do with me having nothing to say, but rather everything to do with the irrational, unexplainable, cold sweat/makes-me-want-to-puke/sudden-loss-of-brain-funtion inducing fear that I am met with each and every time I put my fingers to the keys.

After spending a few weeks believing that I was clinically insane and needed to be medicated…

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Visit instead please

I’ve moved to my own blog: please visit us there!





Personalized Keepsakes created by you

Starting a New Business – Personalized Keepsakes

Hey everyone, I have been incredibly busy lately – I am starting a new business! I will be selling very high quality Personalized Keepsakes. We will be offering Name Meaning Keepsakes, Poetry on beautiful backgrounds, Family Trees, and much more.


I will be focusing on keeping the prices reasonable. We will be selling online and throughout our state as well. I have registered our Business Name: Kadupul Designs with the state and cannot wait to receive my products this week. We are starting out with 10 backgrounds, but will be increasing that up to 900 over the next year or so.


Our designs will have many that have to do with love, weddings, birthdays, celebrations, baby, sports, animals, christian, and more.


I know you are going to love them – I sure did! I got started in this business because I bought the same Name Meaning Keepsakes a few years ago. We actually only bought one for each of our youngest babies, but we loved them so much we ended up buying 5 more. Everyone that has visited our home has been awe-inspired with them and asked me where to get them. It was hard to be able to sell them through a friend but I finally talked them into it and am now offering them for your enjoyment as well. My site should be fully available within the week.


Kadupul Designs